Corporate Social Responsibility

Acron Supports Imkaan Welfare Organisation (

The Imkaan Welfare Organisation was registered and established as an NGO in 2012. Unique in its intent to address and pare down the rates of both infanticide and child abandonment across Pakistan, Imkaan was founded on the tenet that each and every child not only has the right to live but to thrive. Working alongside local stakeholders, Imkaan outreach programme monitors issues leading to infanticide and child abandonment through community-level research. At the same time, Imkaan work with potential adoptive parents in screening and preparing permanent homes for children in such need.

Imkaan does not stop at just finding children loving homes. It is also committed to enabling proper education alongside the physical and emotional well-being of children everywhere. Whilst Imkaan efforts concentrate on providing children of any age in crisis with instantaneous assistance, we strive to administer consistent aid for every child’s every need in any given situation. To believe he or she has a right to not only live, but to do so with meaning and dignity, is what Imkaan endeavors to instill in the heart of every child.